General Format

The Obscure News has the polished sound and feel of an NPR audio magazine, only with much less framing (fewer and shorter intros and outros). For the most part, we’re interested in first- and second-hand events. Anonymity is the norm, that is, unless it’s necessary or preferred by the contributor, only he/she, first names or made-up names are used. Normally no one gets credit for contributing to TON. If you want credit, just ask and we'll put your linked name on the CONTRIBUTORS page.

Reasons to Be

Our aim is to present obscure news, that is, things that happen everyday to everyday people. Our belief is that interesting talk, damn good gossip, and shocking and awe-inspiring events happen everyday and everywhere, right under our noses, not just in Iraq or among celebrities, and that there is an unfulfilled desire for such familiar-yet-fresh information among consumers of electronic media, in this case, downloadable audio. Also, making audio recordings is often cheaper than making movies, as one can rely on the listener’s imagination to build elaborate sets. However, if you’re into video and make it happen, we’ll go there.) We provide a venue for under-appreciated and emerging artists. The current podscape is not only free and easy, it’s in need of compelling audio. Ultimate reason to be: Stupid fun.


Keep an Obscure News journal. Did something odd or interesting happened to you or near you yesterday? See if you can pay enough attention to life that you notice the half-dozen compelling things that occur around you every week, if not every day. Collect information: stories, interviews, things you've overheard, tunes, audio art, poems, short bits of music, sound collages, sound effects, dreams, whatever. Write these things down or record them and email text or mp3 to, or mail text, tapes or CDs to Obscure News, P.O. box 6246, Libertyville, IL 60048.


Irresponsibility connotes an oppositional relationship to mainstream news outlets and other responsible media. It also accounts for the artist’s tendency toward subversion, and um, embellishing or lying in order to get at a deeper or sideways truth. We don’t wish to do any significant harm. Our modes may include naughtiness but not malicious cruelty. If you submit particularly sensitive material, we may age it for months or even years, and if necessary, edit it to avoid needless cruelty or embarrassment. We reserve the right to edit the hell out of or into all submissions. The Obscure News - 4119 S Berkeley Ave, Chicago, IL 60653