The Obscure News (TON) was a podcast from 2005 to 2007. It has been featured on The Third Coast International Audio Festival's website, where they've posted their interview with Lloyd. They also featured TON on their public radio program, Re:Sound.

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much of the below material is explicit and not suitable for younger or more sensitive listeners. Also, the audio may take a minute or two to load. Please be patient. Thanks
TON issue 4, Nut Case
TON issue 1, That Joke
TON issue 2, Sylvia
TON issue 3, Sex Ed
TON issue 5, Things Suck
TON issue 8, Nature Gone Wild
TON issue 9, Petty Theft
TON issue 10, Musical Theatre
TON issue 11, Racialism
TON issue 12, Ersteliebe
TON issue 7, Pretty Good Night (also known as Season 2, Issue 1)
TON issue 14, Anatomy of a Punch 2: Bicycle of Violence
TON Issue 15, Doctor Doom
TON issue 6, The Lord Went Wham!
TON issue 16, Doom 2: Pimpology
TON issue 13, Anatomy of a Punch
TON issue 17, Traffic School
TON issue 18, Cowboy Diplomacy
TON issue 19, Under the Weather
TON issue 20, Bhangra