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Clean-Up Crew
sketch of the theme song from Scrap Mettle SOUL's production of Talking Trash.
Something I put together for my nephew just minutes after his birth.
Shut Up
sketch of a tune from Scrap Mettle SOUL's production of The Whole World Gets Well.
A Collaboration with one of my students, John Willhoite who was enrolled in the Colorado College.  I interviewed him about his childhood, he came up with the groove, then I threw down the chorus and the rap.
Death Have Mercy
from Laying of Hands, with Margaret Morris
The Final Jump
Ars Nova and The Final Jump are movements from Jump Cuts for Mordine & Company Dance Theater
A Little Dinner Music
Tango and A Little Dinner Music are movements from Mouth, with Robin Lakes
from Savage/Love, with Robin Lakes
The Nest
from the Remains Theatre's production of The Nest, directed by Ted Levine
Miz Thomas
Coulda Shoulda Woulda and Miz Thomas are sketches for Scrap Mettle SOUL's production of Talking Trash

White Men with Money
Crashing & Burning and White Men with Money were performed by the The House Band Remains for the Remains Theatre's production of Changing Nightly
Crashing & Burning

Ars Nova
Bicycle Riding ​
t​wo cuts excerpted from No Place Like Home, directed by Mary Filice

No Place Like Home
Shifting Gears
from Shifting Gears by Sharon Zurek and Lucinda Guard
Coulda Shoulda Woulda
For Friends & with Collaborators
Get Back to Work
Bibble Bounce
Drum It Out
Get Back to Work, Bibble Bounce and Drum It Out were commissioned by Whirlwind Performance Co., now Reading In Motion.
Bibble Bounce
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